When It Is Time To Say Goodbye To One You Love

Hello friends, as you can tell I have been gone for a few weeks now.  Work has been busy, planning is underway and then last Tuesday I lost my beautiful 13 yrs. old wheaten terrier, Rummer.  My little bird was my companion for 11 years and I miss her terribly.  I often talk here about various aspects of "the good life" and for me one of those aspects is  unequivocally, my dogs.  I adopt senior dogs, because they bring a special kind of love unlike a puppy does.  On Tuesday we had a crazy winter storm that dropped about 11 inches of snow here in Leavenworth, Kansas and I was ecstatic.  Deep down I am loving this polar vortex because I love snow and running in it too!  Then afterwards I went to to relax with the puppies.  While watching tv the vet called me and gave me some news that while expected were not any less surprising.  Rummer, my 13-year old Wheaten, has Cushing's disease and the previous day we did some tests because since Saturday she was just not herself, she was not eating and could barely walk (she had no muscle mass in her hind legs because of the Cushing's).  The tests came back yesterday and it confirmed my worst suspicions: my little bird was not doing good.

The Cushing's disease took a toll on her system and I could tell this week Rummer was just not herself.   For the past three days she had trouble breathing and did not want to eat. After yesterday's vet visit the vet told me Rummer had gone into early stages of renal failure and her heart was really weak.  She also said that her system could collapse at any moment.  And so I did not want my little girl to suffer and made the decision to put her to sleep.   At 13 years old, she lived a good life and deserved to go with dignity.  This was a hard decision to make but it needed to be done.  I actually had to put myself into my Army officer mode to be able to make it.


I get goosebumps remembering the abused dog I rescued and how far she blossomed into a beautiful and trusting dog. In truthfulness she rescued me; she changed and blessed my life. What struck me the most about her is that she and I were really synced; she knew when I was sad or happy.  Just very intuitive.  She was also my dad's guardian when my dad was going through his cancer treatment and never left his side.   Now she is keeping him company in heaven where both are pain free.  I will love this girl forever.  Goodbye my little bird!